Emile Bennett

Designing real products for real people

I am a designer, an inventor and award-winning app publisher

I am also a human being, a son, a consumer, a dreamer, a friend, an optimist, sometimes a worrier, an extrovert, an introvert, a meat eater, a coffee drinker, a monthly bill payer and a weekly lottery player.

Remembering what it is to be a real person is for me the single most important tool when designing real products for real people. This means putting aside all preconceptions and prejudices about the function and design of a product, and instead embracing the fundamental needs of the people who will be using it.

Pennies, my award-winning budgeting app has generated over half a million downloads and thousands of 5* reviews worldwide. Designed and built entirely by myself, it is living proof of my instinctual, people-centered approach to product design. Try it yourself for free.

It’s with this approach that I lead companies, organisations and startups with defining the purpose and design their product.

Many years, many clients

Over the years I have worked in many different roles for many different clients. From digital advertising campaigns and apps to interactive musem installations, small local business to multi-national corporations, and most recently for myself and over half a million users worldwide with my iOS app Pennies.

No project has been too big or too small, and each one has involved many challenges and a lot of learning. The most important thing is that each of these projects has in some way, through my passion, hard work and sensitivity, changed its users lives for the better.

Where you’ve seen my work

Many of the higher profile projects I have worked on have been featured in the press at some point.

Pennies has been featured heavily by Apple globally over the past two years on TV adverts and in the App Store.

Get in touch

I'm always interested in hearing from new people with exciting new projects. Whether you need support with design, user experience or strategy, or maybe you just have the seed of an idea that you want to talk about, I'm here to help.

Say hello and I'll get back to you...